Rest. Casa La Parra

Restaurante Casa La Parra, Asador is set to become a top Almuñécar venue for eating out in the most traditional of settings, a large stately townhouse from the end of the 19th Century, complete with a typical Andalusian central patio open to the sky. What’s more the price/quality is excellent.

The whole house is divided into intimate dining rooms on its two floors. A lot of time and thought has gone into turning this beautiful house into a typical meson type restaurant, without losing any of its original character; on the contrary, it has been enhanced.

As you walk in through the main door the small hall is a tell-tale indication of the decor that awaits you, with its rustic arrangements. From there you enter the central patio – the very heart of the house, with its small drinking fountain tinkling tranquility amongst the shade and light.

To your right is the main bar area, which is spacious, sporting photos from the past. This bar area has its own entrance which can be accessed from a shallow ramp, but before you settle down there for an apéritif or just a tapa session with friends, why not take the opportunity to look around?

From the central patio there is a flight of steps leading up to the second floor with its four separate dining rooms. You can walk completely around the patio below, allowing you to take in every angle.

Back down on the first floor, just to your right as you walk into the central terrace there is a modest wine-cellar room – a table for groups of friends within easy reach of an excellent range of wines – if you enjoy wine in choice settings, here is a tempting corner.

But enough about the house itself – what about the food. if you’re a meat eater, then you are in for a feast, but those who are not are not forgotten because the salads and fish dishes are equally good!

So who would this venue interest most? Fans of traditional architecture and cuisine for sure, but its also the perfect place for private occasions, both romantic trysts and business meetings because the dining rooms are many and intimate.

We can only conclude this report by emphasizing that not many business minded people are prepared to launch themselves into such a venture in these troubled and uncertain economical times. Jesus, Adela and Pablo deserve congratulations for bringing into being this traditional haven of past atmosphere mixed with the gastronomic offerings of a totally modern kitchen.

So, now that we’ve told you what Casa La Parra is, allow us to explain exactly where it is. Firstly, you are a stone’s throw from the underground car park below the municipal market, so parking is not a problem. From the said car park, cross Avenida La Cala and walk up to the nearby Plaza de la Higuera, which is that delightful square with the fountain. Walking past the square on your right, you encounter Calle Trinidad coming in from the left; take this street and then the first alley on the right – you can’t miss it.

If you’re coming from any other direction, just go to the main church and stand with your back to its main door – on your right there are steps leading down and at the bottom of the steps the entrance to a narrow alley leading directly to the restaurant.

Restaurante Casa La Parra
Calle Parra 7
Almuñécar, Granada
Tel: 958 633 346

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