Vivienne Hughes

La Herradura Tapa Route

The village will be holding its first Ruta de la Tapa, which will have 18 participating establishments. The idea is to boost the local hostelry sector. The event will be held on two separate long weekends, so if you miss the first, you can still catch the second. The first will be from from the…

Vandalism in Salobreña

The Salobreña Town Hall has lodged a formal complaint before the Guardia Civil over acts of vandalism carried out against the municipal sports stadium, Los Trances. The damage was caused last night; i.e., the night of Monday the 17th.

Infoca Worker Murdered by Jealous Wife?

A woman from Charches, (Guadix) has been remanded in custody without bail for the alleged murder of her husband. The couple had been married 30 years and the motive behind the act reportedly carried out by the The 45-year-old woman appears to have been jealousy.

Hashish and Xmas Raffles

The Guardia Civil has arrested a man in El Padul for running an indoor hashish plantation with 700 plants. They also came across a Christmas raffle in which the prize was a cannabis plant…

Orgiva Referendum

The good folk… and the bad ones, will have a chance to vote in a referendum on whether they want a Casa de la Cultura or not. Not only ‘if,’ but where.