Martin Myall

Freebies Fade Out

The Salobreña Town Hall has said ‘enough is enough’ over childrens’ sports freebies; one thing is to guarantee that the children of the town can enjoy good healthy sports and quite another that public funds are being spent so that their tracksuits can be dry-cleaned. And that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Tenants From Hell

The Policia Nacional have arrested an entire family; the father, mother and son, for stealing everything out of the house that they had been renting – although paying the rent wasn’t actually high on their list-of-things-to-do.

Not Very Gentlemanly

A male driver threatened a female driver with a pistol over a traffic-related argument. The police, alerted by another driver, chased after and trapped the man.

Trousers-Around-Ankles Trick

A prostitute has been arrested for robbing a client, taking advantage of the fact he was in the middle of an orgasm – is nothing sacred?
The 43-year-old sex worker on her knees in front of the man – no imagination needed to work out what was happening – when, taking advantage of the the fact that the man was distracted by his own ejaculation, she pushed him over backwards, and as his trousers were around his ankles, he fell flat on his back.

2000th Post!

This website came into existence in April 2009 and by the 15th of August 2010 we had reached our 1001st post and were pretty chuffed, but today we’re proud to register our 2,000th post!

Blocked, Bridge Arches Cleared

The arches of the old bridge over the Barranco Las Tejas had become clogged with vegetation, washed down by the recent rains. Fortunately, the Town Hall has now rectified the situation, removing the debris.

Not Recommended

The incident occurred at the entrance into Torrenueva, on Saturday the 12th in the evening. Two policemen on traffic duty saw that the approaching car had defective lights and waved him down. The police had explained why the were going to fine him, which was when he punched one of them in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and bang the back of his head on the tarmac. Taken aback by his own violent efficiency, he then threatened the other policeman.

Breakdown Lorry Law Breaker

How many of you have walked up to where you had parked your car to find it missing, replaced by a sniggering sticker on the kerb, informing you that your 4-wheeled sweetheart now nestles in the dungeons of the municipal compound? More than a few.
But then again, how grateful we are to see a breakdown lorry appear when we are stranded on the hard shoulder with an inert and sulking car?
But there is now a third kind of breakdown lorry – or there was until the police arrested its owner/driver: a man who has spent recent years picking up legally parked cars and taking them off to a scrapyard to collect between 100 and 150 euros for each one from an equally crooked scrap-yard owner.

Art Exhibition

There will be an art exhibition at the Centro Civic in La Herradura, running for the 15th to the 30th of this month. Viewing times are from 10.00h to 14.00h, barring weekends, when it will be closed to the public.