Martin Myall

Counting the Blessings

Whatever is covered later on in the Almuñécar section, it is probably a good idea to take a stock check of what we have. You see, it doesn’t matter whether you came here 40, 30, 20, 10, or just 5 years ago – Almuñécar is still very much a privileged place to live in.

Regional News December

AND Map of Andalusian Provinces

From December on we have decided to post our Andalucía section on line, but as a string, so that you can scroll down through the articles, rather than jumping from one page to another.

We Want a Square!

Meanwhile, over in the thriving metropolis of Mólvizar, the village stray dog was reported to have stood up, yawned twice, stretched before lying back down again and going back to sleep – the locals are exhausted by all this activity.

New Boulevard in P-4

Hey, we’ve got a new boulevard, sort of thing. It runs down side of the river in the P-4. I’m not sure how far it goes down, but it looks as if it runs all the way down to the tennis courts, near the main road.

Silly Suggestion?

There are few times that our dear politicians – and our local ones are no exception – get together and agree on something. When they do, it normally entails pay rises for themselves.

Tax on 2nd Homes

SAL Panaromic

The Town Hall is fund hungry; surprise, surprise, and just about any idea that gets the cash in is going to get a warm reception, so it should come as no surprise that IBI will be raised on second homes in the town.

Forgotten Heroes?

ALM Sep 09 flood

Exactly two years ago (from the writing of this article) Almuñécar experienced its worse flooding in 60 years, resulting in one death and considerable damages to the infrastructure of both Almuñécar and La Herradura, yet…