Martin Myall

Blue Zone Spreading

ALM Avenida de Europa Blue Zone

So, let’s get back to good-old bickering and political nagging, eh? Furthermore, it is a subject that will interest you: Blue-Zone parking areas.

Tribulations for the Mayor

There are further tribulations for the Mayor, with the Public Prosecutor breathing down his neck over his dubious divorce and alleged fraud to hide his patrimony from possible embargo.

This all goes back to the setting up of a semi private company in the late 80’s with sizeable public funds, giving the Town Hall the controlling shares. This company, Tropicalfruits, went bankrupt and subsequent investigation uncovered unconventional and deficient bookkeeping. It was found, for instance, that the company had been buying fruit at a greater price than it had been selling it.

Dangerous driving

The Almuñécar-based Guardia Civil arrested a 36-year-old driver from Cijuela, identified as F.N.H. for resisting arrest, as well as dangerous driving.