Martin Myall

Costly Palm Trees

Did you know that the Almuñécar Town Hall spends 68,000 euros tidying up the municipalities palm trees… and we’re only talking about ones in public areas, such as parks, gardens and the beaches?

Talking of Trees…

Almuñécar’s Plaza de la Constitución, more common known as the town-hall square, now sports a pretty impressive Christmas Tree, thanks to the City of Málaga.

Chilean Winner for Segovia 1st Prize

The 31-year-old, Chilean competitor, Renato Serrano Muñoz took the top prize at the annual classical-guitar competition in La Herradura, as well as the special prize, Leo Brouwer, which is awarded for the best rendition of the Dos Cantares piece by Antón García Abril.

Juicy Prize

So what exactly is the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropicaland why are our politicians squabbling so much to get control of it? Good question!

Man Wrecks Bank

The Policía Nacional arrested a 27-year-man after he wrecked his bank branch because he was annoyed that he had no money in his account. Oh, and he also issued death threats to the staff, for good measure.

Shoplifting Priest

A priest in the province of Cádiz was caught shoplifting and fined 800 euros. The man, a vicar at the Catedral Vieja de Cádiz, had been caught red handed with top-brand clothing concealed in his briefcase.

Expensive Foreigners

The Andalusian health service, SAS, spent two million euros treating foreigners, either residents or tourists, during 2010 in Granada alone. Mind you, they passed it on to the private insurance companies or the countries of origin of these patients.

New Exhibition Centre for Motril

The Nave del Azúcar, part of the old Pilar sugar mill, has just reopened its doors as an exhibition centre, after a long restoration process.

Over a hundred works of art are now on display there, within its 800 sq/m, distributed over two floors. This present display is part of the Ramon Portillo Picture Competition. In fact, so many artists took part in the competition that the works of some of them spilled over into the Casa de la Condesa.