Martin Myall

Plummeted Down A Barranco

GRA LEC Mirador Niguelas 01

A driver went over the side of a barranco in Nigüelas (Valle de Lecrín) falling 40 metres vertically and managed to stagger out of the wreck, although seriously injured.

Rubite Underwater Park

COS Underwater Theme Park

The craze for underwater theme parks along the Costa Tropical is spreading because Rubite Town Hall is polishing their project for such an underwater attraction.

UFO Off Almuñécar?

ALM UFO or Sailing Ship

Nah, it’s a sailing ship and while it looks like it is up in the night’s sky, it’s really out to sea below the horizon, which you can’t distinguish at night..

DIY Stopped by Police

AXA VM Residents Fix Own Road

Residents of Urbanización Paraíso del Sol de Benajarafe, got totally fed up of having potholes all over the place and decided to do something about it themselves.

Ten Days Grace

ALM Squatter Eviction Citasol

The squatters who are being evicted from a luxury complex above Taramay, Almuñécar, have been given ten days to get their things out.