Héloïse Nolan

Were You Caught Out?

Were you caught out by yet another holiday that took place in Motril on Wednesday 13 January? Just when you thought it was safe to get on with your daily life after the extraordinarily long Christmas and New Year holidays in the area, up pops another day off!

Fining Campervans

A new decree from Motril Council has wafted its way down the corridors of power and is now being implemented by the Tourism Department. Continuous complaints from residents living in the tourist zones of the beaches, golf course and near the camp sites of Motril have sparked this new initiative.

Red Beetles vs Palms

The red beetle is back and causing damage to palm trees at devastating levels and beginning to alter the Costa Tropical panorama. It is reported that over 500 trees have died during the summer months when the red beetle is at its most active.

Avenida de Salobreña

Let’s start the betting! Motril Council has said it is going to try and get the Avenida de Salobreña opened in time for business by Christmas. Now let’s see. From the time of writing this on 23 November, that will give approximately 20 working days for the works to be completed!

Crop Theft

Motril’s chirimoya ‘agriculturists’ (farmers to you and me but a grand word none-the-less), have been having a bad time of it of late. As soon as the chirimoya season has got underway the agriculturists (sounds good doesn’t it!) have been noticing that they are not the only ones harvesting their own crops.

Cheap Goodbye

The economic crisis has certainly taken its toll on the amount of people being buried at the Motril cemetery. As we all know, there is nothing more certain in life than taxes and death (and getting a few odd parking tickets along the way). Yes, we are going to talk about what you really don’t…