Héloïse Nolan

Telefonica Trust?

Telefónica phone abuse? We have been hearing stories of foreign residents here with Telefónica phone connections that have noticed high charges being made on their bills when they are not even in the country and no one is using the house!

Greenhouse Clearance

Greenhouses are being cleaned out ready for the next crops to be planted and the agricultural treatment plant in Motril has provisionally closed due to … yes, you guessed it, the intense rains that we have been having this year.


Beaches … what beaches? As the Easter holidays approach, the Town Hall has suddenly realised that they are going to get a whole bunch of tourists into the area but the beaches in the area, especially in Playa Granada/golf course, aren’t there any more!

Legal Aid

The Motril School of Lawyers have recently announced that any person with limited resources will be able to contact them for assistance. Any citizen of Motril or its municipalities who wishes to speak to a lawyer can now contact them on 958 824 956 to make an appointment between 09:00 and 15:00 hours. You’ll obviously need to speak Spanish or have someone with you who does and will need to prove you would qualify for this service.

Boat Booty

The Guardia Civil recently intercepted a boat three miles off the coastline of Motril, whose occupants were clearly up to no good on their arrival. Firstly, one of the occupants of the boat (which was called Wiwi and flying a Gibraltar flag), was thrown out of the boat into the icy waters followed quickly by an inflatable boat.

Beetle Bother

The Escarabajo (red beetle) has now well and truly got its clutches into the Washington palm trees on the coast and has set off an alarm signal from the Agricultural Department of Parks and Gardens in Motril. It appears the situation with regard to these little monsters destroying palms has now been declared to be at a level of ‘uncontrollable.’

Esplanadas Revamp

Building works will start shortly on the Esplanadas in the centre of Motril. Just as the Avenida de Salobreña has been opened up again after remodelling at huge cost and inconvenience to the residents, shopkeepers and visitors to the town, the 600 approx people living on the Esplanadas are to be subjected to yet more months of dust, early morning drilling and general hell on earth

New Commercial Centre

A battalion of bulldozers have arrived and taken up residence next to the Alcampo supermarket. At last, after six years of negotiations between the Town Council and the Bolgaris Company, Motril is to get the new commercial and leisure complex it so rightly deserves and badly needs.

Avenida de Salobreña

The Avenida de Salobreña, otherwise known as the road from the Alcampo supermarket into the centre of Motril, has now been out of action (closed) since May 2009 with a projected completion date of late March 2010.

Crop Damage

Spare a thought for the farmers here on the coast who have been hit mighty hard by the continuous heavy rains and who say they are having the worst year of their lives.