David Darby

Lemongrass, La Herradura

PP Lemongrass

Restaurante Lemongrass was opened along with La Caleta Bay Hotel in 2016. The founder of La Caleta Bay and Peña Parda, Bernice is from Macau and she took over the management of the restaurant in 2018.

School Dinners

As from September, the start of the new 2019-2020 school year, two Almuñécar schools will have the facilities to provide school dinners for their students.

Foreskin Fix

For many years there has been a debate as to whether circumcision is necessary, with some men complaining that their circumcised penises are lacking in sensation. However, the issue of too much foreskin is usually treated in this way and of course religious issues come into play for many others.

A Murder Most Spanish

I really like a good murder mystery. A haunted and flawed detective, accompanied by his troubled yet clever side-kick, piecing together clues and riding the setbacks.

Carlos Champion of Spain

The Almuñequero, Carlos Rodríguez Cano, has been proclaimed The Junior Champion of Spain in the individual time trial (CRI) that opened the Junior Cycling Championship of Spain

Salobreña Mechanic Robbed

The Guardia Civil has arrested a 25-year-old man and also identified another 36-year-old who allegedly attacked and robbed a mechanic from Salobreña, who they had called to fix their car.