David Darby

The Kiss of Death

SPN Women's World Cup AG23

Prosecutors have opened a sexual assault investigation following the Rubiales kiss and his mother has locked herself in a church in Motril and started a hunger strike.

Birthday @ Los Geranios

PP Los Geraneos 400 x 250

It was my 64th birthday recently. I can hear you all now, “how can that be? You look barely 35!” But it’s true and I had to decide where I wanted to go for my birthday meal.

Doctor Wolfgang Piller

PP Wolfgang Pilar

After more than 19 years working in La Clínica in Almuñécar, tending to the sick and injured of the town, Dr. Wolfgang is leaving the practice at the end of December.

Football Academy Almuñécar

ALM Football George & Sean

Most people agree that the football project in Almuñécar involving the FC Malaga City Football Academy and the related first team CD Almuñécar City is a welcome addition to the town.