Ad Prices

You can advertise in the print version of the Seaside Gazette – each issue is printed monthly at the beginning of the month and distributed throughout the Costa Tropical. Combine your print advert with an online advert or, if you prefer just advertise online.

Please email us at or phone on (34) 630 73 66 11 if you wish to advertise.

Paper-Edition Advertising

2018 Ad size & Price

Online Advertising
The Seaside Gazette provides banner advertising (600×150) inserted into the text of our news articles, which if clicked upon, go to the client’s website. Here is a typical example. This costs 60 euros per ten inserts. Please note that it might take over a month to complete all ten inserts. Once the inserts are complete we will send you an email with the ten links.

Furthermore, we also have side-bar adverts (160×80) which are charged at 30 euros per month and are also link related.