Construction-Work Headache

Construction work above Marina del Esta is causing annoyance amongst neighbours because of the noise and dust caused by earth-moving work.

There is construction work taking place on the Brightbay Water Front Villas, which are above the Marina de Este Playa.

The noise and dust – during the summer – is affecting residents of three nearby urbanizaciones: Marina Playa, Jardines de Adnania and Abencerrales V.

The Chairman of Urb. Abencerrales V., Juan Carlos, complained that construction works starts at seven in the morning, carving away at the bedrock.

For this reason, residents are demanding that construction works doesn’t begin until later, suggesting nine in the morning so people can have a bit of a lie in. They also want the Town Hall to send round the Policía Local to measure the decibels created by the site work.

The Chairman says that they have sent several written complaints to both the Town Hall and the construction company but have had no reply from either.

Building work began in May and is espected to last into 2026.

According to the Town Hall, they have already sent building inspectors to the site on three occasions and have reported back that all is in order. The construction company, Wildsur, through their site representative, César Quesada, says that they have all the necessary licences and permits.

Furthermore, they claim that they make great efforts to reduce noise between seven and ten in the morning. They say that they are aware of the bother that the work on the site produces and that they have increased the frequency with which they wet down the area to reduce dust.

Finally, the company expressed its desire to reach an accord with neighbours.

However, the company has reported acts of vandalism and theft on the construction site, for which reason they will be installing security cameras. As an example, this week somebody stole a compressor and on several occasions they have had to replace tyres on construction lorries because somebody has punctured them.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – source article and photo: Ideal/ M.J Arrebola)

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