Immigrants Land

It's somewhat ironic that just when thousands of Spaniards flock to our beaches, far less fortunate people also arrive, but from across the Mediterranean.

A narco launch landed the illegal immigrants on Playa de La Rábita, which is a municipal, coastal dependency of inland Albuñol.

The high-speed RIB quickly dumped of its ‘cargo’ and raced back out to sea whilst the 25 immigrants, all from North Africa, dispersed to avoid detection. Five of them managed this but the other 20 were found and ended up in custody.

They were take by the Guardia Civil to Motril Port to be interned in the Centro de Atención Temporal de Extranjeros, where they will remain under lock and key for 72 hours whilst attempts are made to identify and establish the age of those that look like minors – there was only one amongst them.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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