Brothels Busted on Costa Tropical

Officer from the Policía Nacional based in Granada carried out the arrest of two women, accused of running two clandestine brothels in Almuñécar and Motril.

The two women are aged 47 and 53, one with Paraguayan nationality and the other with a joint Spanish-Moroccan one.

The women who worked in these flats were being sexually exploited because they were in the country illegally, which was used to blackmail them into prostitution.

Officers belonging to the Extranjería y Fronteras de Granada began their investigations firstly by locating the two flats being used to this end so that they could carry out a police raid. The found three victims of forced prostitution from Brazil and Paraguay as well as the two ‘madams.’

During the investigative work, they discovered that the Spanish-Moroccan woman who ran the Motril flat targeted women mainly from Latin America, who she rented a room to for 200 euros a month and a few days into the arrangement, demanded 50% of their takings, as well. The accused rigorously controlled her victims with hidden cameras

The accused from Paraguay operated the same system in the Almuñécar flat; i.e., 200 euros a room per month plus 50%.

Victims who did not comply, received threats that their illegal presence would be reported to the police and thus undergo deportation.

Editorial comment: this brings to mind two questions, the victims must have realised that if the madams carried out such a threat then they themselves would get the chop and secondly, what kind of conditions did these victims leave behind to feel that it was better to endure this kind of existence rather than return to their native countries.

(News: Almunecar/Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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