Just Dropped In…

We recently ran an article about a car that was left sticking out of a wall, but this wasn't the first time that misplaced vehicles became wall features.

Back on one Sunday in March a large van ran into somebody’s house and the occupants didn’t hang around to apologise to the house owner in Urbanización Rivera del Sol.

Although it took two months for the Guardia Civil to unravel the mystery, they eventually discovered that the van had been used in a theft of building material on a building site near the AP-7 in Mijas.

The three occupants of the van were busy putting distance between themselves and the scene of the crime with their booty of copper cabling, so they were in a hurry; too much of a hurry because they sped down hill and lost control of the van at the bottom (the road surface was wet from the rain) and smashed into the wall belonging to two property.

As chance would have it, the occupants of one of the houses had only just moved in the day before, so he was not a happy bunny. The other house is the home of the Chairwoman of the comunidad de propietarios, so she was not happy either.

The first thing that the Guardia Civil did when they began their investigation was to identify the owner of the vehicle. It turned out that it belonged to a woman who had earlier reported the vehicle as stolen.

They then tied in this building material theft with other cases on constructions sites in Mijas, Fuengirola an Nerja. The result was that they made three arrests. Furthermore, it appears that the vehicle owner is the mother of one of the three men arrested and in a relationship with another of them.

So, the three men and the woman all have been pulled in, questioned and informed that they are offcially suspects and will be charged.

(News/Noticias: Mijas, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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