Should Motril Mayor Resign?

The provincial Secretary General of the PSOE, Olga Manzano, has called upon her opposite number for the PP to force the Mayor of Motril to stand down.

Mayor Maria Luisa García Chamorro has been formally charged with the misappropriation of public funds to cover her own personal expenses for which she will appear before a judge later this month.

The public money allegedly misappropriated was funding from the Provincial Council and the Town Hall, meant for her party, which she is accused of using to pay out compensation after being found guilty committing libel and profering insults towards the ex manager of VISOGSA.

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According to the General Secretary of the PSOE, Manzano, the accusation that the Mayor faces is “of extreme gravity,” and that furthermore it is “inadmissible that Mayor Chamorro continues to represent the second largest city in the province of Granada.”

Sra. Manzano concluded that the Chairman on a provincial level for the Mayor’s party, the PP, “can not continue to look the other way now that proffering she is due to appear before a judge to face these charges and asked, “What more is needed to force the Mayor to step down instead of proffering excuses for her conduct, as has been the case up to now.”

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