ROUV Used in Search for Body

Sixty-eight days have gone passed since the disappearance of an elderly man in Almuñécar, Francisco, and despite prolonged searches, by air land and sea, he has not been found.

AND ROUV in Search from Missing ManThe family have given up hope of finding him alive and just want his body found so that he can have a decent burial, but that doesn’t mean that the Guardia Civil have given up searching.

In fact, starting tomorrow an ROUV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) will be used around the Peñon del San Cristóbal area in search of his remains. This very important addition to the ongoing searches has been made possible by the Asociación Guardias Civiles Solidarios and the missing-persons platform, Adonay, according to the victim’s son, Paco.

The search team will move out from the Marina del Esta to search the said area, which has been chosen because it is one of the likely areas. Divers told them that due to currents 30 metres down, this area tends to accumulate objects.

If the ROUV encounters something of interest, then divers can go down to check the find out. Also, thanks to collaboration from a diving school in Almuñécar, the searchers have been furnished with a small RIB and oxygen tanks.

(News/Noticias: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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