Israel Threatens Spain

Israel has elevated the tone in its criticism of Spain because of its recognition of Palestine as a state, and because of the VPM's choice of words in support of the Palestinians.

WLD Israeli Minister of the Exterior, Israel KatzThe Israeli Minister of Exteriors in the Netayanhu administration, Israel Katz, has not only forbidden the Spanish Consulate in East Jerusalem from giving aid to Spanish, Spanish/Palestinian residents in the city, but he also issued intimidatory threats against Spain.

“We will hurt those who hurt us,” which could have come straight out of a script for a gangster film. He went on to add, “The times of the Inquisition have finished and we will not remain silent before a government that rewards terror and whose leaders, Pedro Sánchez y Yolanda Díaz use anti-Semite slogans as from the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” It should be pointed out that Mr Sánchez never said that.

For good measure, he posted a video on social media with a superimposed text reading, “Hamas: Thank you Spain”.

Editorial comment: Mr Katz appears to have overlooked the fact that his party’s founding charter uses the term, “From the River to the Sea.” Odd, right? He opposes the two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state in any form, which he regards as unacceptable considering “our rights to this land”

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