Hero Loses His Life

Abdoulaye Diop lost his life in the building collapse in Palma de Mallorca, like many others, but there is a twist to his fate.

SPN Diop Awarded Medal 2017 for Saving a man's LifeIn 2017, this 45-year-old Senegalese man rescued a friend, Oumar M’bengue, who had gone into the sea off Playa de Palma and started getting into difficulties.

Abdoulaye went in, despite the high surf, and saved his life. For this act he was awarded the Cruz de Mérito Policial by the then Mayor.

On the day of the fire he had just come out of the gym and was having a coffee in the Medusa Beach Club, which is where the terrace collapse occurred. A few hours later he was one of the four people that died in the terrace collapse. Another 16 were injured.

In fact, three of the four people killed were foreigners; two German women aged 20 and 30. the fourth victim, the Spanish one, was a 23-year-old woman who worked at the Medusa Beach Club.

So, Abdoulaye saved a life and lost his own, far away from where he was born.

(News/Noticias: Palma, Mallorca, Baelaric Islands)

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