Car Carambole

Some people find parking difficult, not because of a lack of somewhere to park, but because spacial awareness and how the steering wheel works, eludes them.

GRA VG Ogijares Car CarambolaOne driver, who was probably an ace at parking in the tightest of spots, unscathed, under normal circumstances, was clean out of normal circumstances in the early hours of Saturday morning in an urbanización in Ogíjares.

The normal circumstance of being sober was absent and nowhere to be seen, allegedly. Armed with a begrudging automobile he smacked into a parked car of not impressive dimension.

Such was the impact that it had a billiard-table effect and the surprised red car went straight into the pocket, or better said, through somebody’s nice, white, wooden fence.

The driver got out, had a quick shufty, got back into the car and drove what was left of his (white-ball) chariot back home, which fortunately was not that far away. He even parked it on the street just outside his home and went to bed.

What he did not do was leave a note at the scene of the accident saying, “Oops!” and leaving his name and address below. He didn’t phone the police and tell them, “Oops!” either. No, he was intent upon being absent and anonymous as soon as possible but he made a rather silly mistake; as mentioned before, he parked his mauled & battered car in full view — he lived in a close by urbanización, after all.

The owners of the rogered red car had heard the clatter of the collision, but had thought that it was an early morning, refuse-collection lorry, whose crews attend intensive courses on how to make as much noise as possible during the dead of night. It wasn’t until they got up that they saw their car and fence occupying the same Time and Space in their part of the Universe.

They not only phoned the Policía Local, but they also phoned around their neighbours asking them to keep a lookout for the culprit’s car. In the meantime the Guardia Civil had examined footage from a security camera on a nearby roundabout and noted that a battered car had passed that way.

Then the word went out that the offending car had been spotted looking like it had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson wearing sledgehammer attachments. The Local Police turned up and knocked on his door. If he had been drunk, he was now sober, but causing a road accident and not reporting it, well…

(News/Noticias: Ogíjares, Vega, Granada, Andalucia

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