The Petroleum companies never miss a chance to hike the price of petrol and diesel up when there is a bank holiday, which is the case today.

MOT Gasolinera Pumps 400x250There are a lot of cars on the road today and there will be tomorrow in Madrid as the 2nd is a public holiday there. We’ve also got Las Cruces, as well, so prices at the pumps have climbed.

The price per litre for the most used gasoline octane, 95, costs on average 1.72 euros a litre, which is the highest it has been so far this year, representing an increase of 20 cents since the 1st of January. In fact, it’s 10 cents more expensive that this time last year.

As for diesel, the average price at the beginning of the week was 1.57 euros per litre but it was higher earlier in the year. Even so, it’s 10 cents higher at the moment than this time last year.

When the price of crude drops, the petroleum distributors are slow to lower prices, claiming that existing stock were purchased at higher prices, yet when prices go up…

Prices are liable to continue to rise in the coming months given instability in the Middle East and the continuing war in Ukraine.

(News/Noticias: Spain)

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