Ukrainian Refugees

Two years after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the flow of refugees to Spain continues.

The Spanish Government has allowed 20,843 applications for temporary refugee status just for the province of Málaga. Of that number, 9,419 are women, 5,494 are men and 5,930 are minors.

The Provincial Sub-Delegate for the Central Government, Javier Salas, underlined the Government’s pledge to give a “efficient and humanitarian response so that Ukrainian refugees are able to fully integrate in Spain, thus demonstrating Spain’s committment to Ukraine.”

He made this statement whilst visiting a Ukraining War Refugee shelter that is run by Cruz Roja in Almáchar (Axarquía) that has been operative since 2022. During the visit he was accompanied by the Mayor, Antonio Yuste and the the Ukrainian Consul in Málaga, Svitlana Kramarenko, and the Chairwoman of Cruz Roja in Vélez-Málaga, Ana Isabel Rincón.

The shelter has room for 56 persons, of which 46 are occupied at the moment, nine of whom are minors (six girls and three boys).

The system works so that within 24 hours of applying for a refugee status at a Policía Nacional station the person will be afforded temporary protection. The police, helped by interpreters, register identification details and the info passed to the Oficina de Asilo y Refugio (OAR) belonging to the Ministerio del Interior and the case is processed within a maximum of 24 hours.

These temporary protection certifcate contain a permiso de residenencia and work permits for adults. Furthermore Ukrainian refugees under this scheme are permitted to drive in Spain using their Ukrainian driving licences.

(News/Noticias: Almáchar, Axarquía, Malaga, Andalucia)

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