Ski Season Ends Tomorrow

The Sierra Nevada ski resort has not had an easy season, with late-arriving cold weather and rain, topped with high winds when they had to shut the lifts.

GRA SN Resort CLoses 28AP24We can add to that the streams of mud cutting across slopes and equipment being frozen solid, and the rockfalls on the A-359 access road, restricting traffic to and from the resort, but in the end, here they are, closing for the season tomorrow the 28th of April, which is not bad.

In fact, you could say that they are surprised that it has turned out as well as it has, given the gales that always seemed to coincide with weekends and public holidays. In total the slopes had to be closed 14 complete days and three days with partial close downs during the season. No snow over Christmas didn’t exactly help, either.

The Chairman of the Asociación de Empresarios de Sierra Nevada, Ordoño Vázquez, is quite optimistic that when they have finally added everything up, it will go down as a good season compared the timid ones starting in 2020 with the Pandemic.

Last year the skiing season ended on the 16th of April but this year they have managed to stretch it out twelve days more, whilst still falling short of the 2018/2019 season when the season ended on the 5th of May.

On the wish list for next season? That they get the road sorted out during the summer so that it doesn’t happen again in the middle of the coming ski season.

(News/Noticias: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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