Good & Bad News

The bad news is that the calima is back this weekend. The good news is that it will be less intense and shorter in duration.

GRA Alhambra through Calima 400x250Why visit the Sahara when the Sahara regularly visits you, you might ask, because it appears that the desert is keen on periodic visits.

At the moment of writing (11.00h) the suspended dust had already appeared over the Canary Islands and it is due to reach Andalucía later today lasting into Saturday morning.

The cause is a sand storm in North Africa caused by a DANA (high impact rainfall event or Cold Drop) over the Sahara.

Anyway, after that has passed, we’re back to the weather we have been receiving with clear skies and climbing temperatures, which is more appropriate for summer than early spring.

Up in the North of Spain, Monday will bring showers whereas down in the South, Monday will bring chiefly sunburnt foreign tourists and parking scarcity.

(News/Noticias: Andalucia)

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