Salobreña to Los Guájares

Over a dozen years ago the A-44 autovía finally reached the coast and the old main road lost most of its traffic, yet many drivers still use it.

They use it because the route through the gorge Los Tajos is spectacular, as well as there being a cheap roadside restaurant, plenty of parking and a gasolinera.

Climbing enthusiasts are often seen scaling the sheer cliff sides of the gorge and at the other end there is Vélez de Benaudalla with its ‘playa’ and BBQ area down in the river. This area is popular, and will be even more so when the Salobreña to Los Guájares walk via the gorge opens up.

Yes, the Junta de Andalucía plans to turn the gorge into a river route (parque fluvia) beginning in Salobreña and stretching 44 kilometres. So Vélez de Benaudalla will be connected downstream to Salobreña and upstream to Los Guájares.

If all goes according to plan it should be completed within 18 months. Hopefully, that’s Earth lunar months and not one belonging to a distant planet with a lunar month lasting several years… just saying! As for the cost, it will be 1.1-million euros.

The riverside part of the walk is from the river mouth in Salobreña up to the Rules Dam, divided in the seven sections, five of which are actually on the riverbed and two running alongside. However, a footpath will branch off before the dam to continue up a side valley where Los Bernadillos is to reach Los Guájares.

Salobreña began putting in place the first leg from the coast up one side of Río Guadalfeo, planting trees and other shade-offering vegetation about a year or two ago, reaching Lobres and up to the sewage treatment plant.

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