Animal Cruelty Case

La Guardia Civil have charged a man with animal cruelty involving mutilating 25 Spanish fighting cocks.

GRA Vega Fighting Cocks MutilatedThe 58-year-old man had allegedly carried out surgery, despite having no medical knowledge, to remove the comb and wattles on the birds’ heads. He had also plucked the feathers from their thighs.

The only reason that Seprona discovered all this was because the man had built an illegal construction on his land in Láchar, in an area known as the Hoya Mesa de Santa Fe. They had gone to inspect it.

Inside they found 72 fighting cocks, 25 of which had undergone ‘surgery.’ So they asked for veterinary documents for these operations, which he did not have. They also found that he had surgical and veterinary medicines obtained without authority.

He will also be charged with professional intrusion.

(News/Noticias: Lachar, vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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