Cortijo Burglars Caught?

It seems that the thieves who had been targeting in cortijos in Padul and Dúrcal were active again last month, but have since been arrested.

GRA LEC Guardia Civil Post PadulLocals living on the Avenida Valle de Lecrín in Padul reported that their cortijos had been burgled during the night of the 16th. In fact, one property owner put the break-in at occurring between 20.30h and 22.30h, whilst it was unoccupied. The thieves had taken advantage of their absence to gain entrance by forcing open a rear window.

Once inside they turned the place over looking for things of value to steal, but apart from 400 euros in cash, they mostly nabbed sports shoes, perfume bottles and a couple of sport back packs.

But Padul is not the only town targeted for cortijo break-ins as Dúrcal has also had its trouble with them. One cortijo owner had already been turned over once with the thieves forcing open the front door, so this time the owners thought that it would be cheaper to leave the repaired door unlocked so that it wouldn’t get forced again.

However, the did just happen to set up small security cameras. These cameras provided footage of the villains next visit on the 12th of March when two young men were filmed jumping over the property fence and making off with a crate of beer. That same afternoon they returned and pinched a second crate of beer, bless their cotton socks.

Consequently, they identified and arrested the two suspects, one of whom lives in Dúrcal and the other Cozvíjar-Villamena

We did report on previous break-ins within the area in February: See below

Padul Burglaries

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