Several Storm-Related Incidents

Two fires and several trees blown down were some of the incidents that the fire service had to tackle during last weekend.

SAL Storm Topples Trees 24AP24The first fire was in the kitchen belonging to Bar Antaño during the early hours of Friday, which fortunately only caused material damage and no injuries. As a result, the bar has had to close, unable to serve its customers, but with the intention of reopening as soon as possible.

Then, on Sunday, there was a flat fire in the same building where that bar is. Again, the fire started in a kitchen after a frying pan caught fire.

In both cases it was the Motril fire service and the Salobreña Policía Local who were sent to deal with the incident.

The very strong winds generated by the storm on Sunday caused damage around town, too, with three trees being blown over in the Plaza de la Rosa, which is situated next to the mercado municipal.

More trees were toppled on the Avenida Andalucía, on the green-belt pathway running parallel to the beach, starting beneath Parque de La Fuente I, as well as on the Camino de Lobres near La Güila.

Some sign posts were even flattened by the gusting wind.

(News/Noticias: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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