Salobreña Protests

Between 150 and 200 locals turned up outside Salobreña Town Hall to protest about the wave of break-ins around the municipalities, especially cortijos.

SAL Protest over Break-Ins outside Town Hall FB24The protest, organised by the Plataforma en Defensa de la Seguridad de Salobreña, took the form of a silent procession from the Plaza de la Pontanilla to the Town Hall Square (Plaza Juan Carlos I).

The Mayor, Javier Ortega Prados, was there to meet them, together with most of his councillors to deliver a speech. After he concluded, the Chairman of the said platform, Francisco Pérez, read out a communique which contained a proposal for the Town Hall.

The Mayor assured those gathered that they were working with the Policía Local and the Guardia Civil to clarify some of the recent break-ins but that he couldn’t divulge much information as there is an ongoing police enquiry into them.

He also said that on the 7th of March there would be a Local-Board-for-Citizen-Safety meeting which they hope the Provincial Sub-Delegate for the Central Government, José Manuel Montilla, would attend, together with higher police authorities.

Finally, one of the proposals made by the protest platform was that an all-party, institutional motion should be made declaring that, “There should be no red carpet laid for thieves in the municipality,” and that legistlation should be changed because soon after being arrested, they walk out of the courts in front of the officers, through whose investigations they caught and brought before a judge.

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    February 27, 2024 at 2:00 pm

    Unlike in the UK. You hardly here get to find out. The named and shamed. Faces in your town or village. That if guilty should be shunned. Or do not buy a lap top or TV off this person.

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