Padul Burglaries

The Guardia Civil are investigating two individuals as suspects behind two cortijo burglaries in the Padul area last month .

GRA LEC Guardia Civil Post PadulThe two men, aged 35 and 58, are thought to have been behind break ins on the 31st of January and the 1st of February, getting away with a combined booty valued at a little over 1,000 euros.

Amongst the items stolen on the 31st were a wheelbarrow, two pairs of shears, a copper kettle backpack for spraying herbicides, three mattocks, a spade and the blades attachment for a rotavator.

They returned the next day to the same cortijos with the intention of carting away a BBQ and an aluminium sink between them, when they were spotted by a neighbour, who alerted the Guardia Civil in Padul.

Realising that they had been rumbled, they fled empty handed.

The police during an interview with the said witness found that he had noted down the numberplate of the thieves’ car. With this information they tracked down  the two men, who not only admitted to the deed but also returned the stolen items.

(News: Padul, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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