Almost Washed Away

Heavy rainfall and people not used to riverbeds having flood water in them often combine to produce rescue situations, which was the case in Santa Fe on Friday.

GRA Vega Car Swept Away by Flood FB24A car attempted to cross a swollen river using a ford but they didn’t get far. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and they managed to extract themselves, minus the car, but not before it had been swept about 20 metres further downstream, where it came up against large boulders that stopped them being swept further downstream.

They phoned 112 to explain what had happened and the Policía Local belonging to Santa Fe arrived to cordon off the ford over Río Genil. The Guardia Civil turned up but didn’t do much other than shake their heads – there was nothing else to do until a private tow truck turned up to hook the car out.

The occupants had managed to clamber out onto the stones and reach the riverbank before the river level rose more and virtually covered the car.

(News/Noticias: Santa Fe, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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