Nerja Shop Burglary Thwarted

There was a break-in at a small, self-service shop on Calle Chaparil in Nerja during the early morning of Wednesday and the rumpus awoke employees who lived in adjoining accommodation.

AXA NRJ Shop Burglar Caught FB24Both workers went to see what was happening and keeping out of sight behind shelves they saw a young man trying to break through the door to the establishment.

“He went away and quickly returned and this time managed to break through the glass,” explained one of the employees, a middle-age man from Pakistan, recounting, “He went inside and tried to rip out the cash register. At that moment I didn’t think twice and went for him and grabbed him by the throat.”

“We struggled a lot but between my colleague and me but we managed to hold on to him until the police arrived,” he explained.

Rolling about, however, he managed to cut himself on the broken glass and needed eight stitches. His colleague needed ten stitches on his leg.

Once they had him immobilised on the floor, his workmate phoned the Guardia Civil who quickly turned up and took the thief into custody. Both shop workers were taken to the local medical centre to have their cuts treated.

(News/Noticias: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – original source & photo: Eugenio Cabezas)

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