Policing Illegal Dumping

The Barrio de San Antonio is groaning under rubbish: old mattresses, fridges, building rubble, which have taken over a now disused sport area.

MOT Rubbish Problem Los AlamosWhilst the Town Hall was busy in Madrid at the Fitur Tourism fair pushing Motril as a top tourist destination, they must have been aware that the San Antonio was something best not mentioned there.

The Mayor had announced just before Christmas that she was going to carry out a rubbish blitz using an outside cleaning company to help the labouring municipal one, but now she has taken things a step further by giving the municipal police strict instructions to go to town on residents dumping rubbish.

In other words the Policía Local are to keep a constant watch on the barrio in order to catch culprits in the act.

“We are working on setting up CCTV cameras in the area to catch those people who are ignoring the Punto Limpio facilities and who are dumping mountains of building waste and all kinds of domestic items wherever it pleases them,” explained Mayor Luisa Garcia Chamorro.

The socialist-led Town Council in 2017 promised to install nine cameras in area where fly tipping takes place so the refuse collection company could rapidly react and fines could be handed out, but this never materialised. The surveillance cameras were to be installed in Ronda de Levante, in Puntalón in front of the Consultorio Médico, and at two points along Camino de la Garnatilla, the Carretera de la Celulosa and the Polígono Las Algaidas.

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    February 8, 2024 at 1:43 pm

    Ha ha. I promised to love, honour and obey. Some things you stick to. Others! Well, reality and pledges etc…
    I’ve already suggested: nick. Fine on the spot and be given a percentage of fines as reward.

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