Tow Truck Causes Chaos

Normally, a tow truck is a vehicle that gets your car out of a fix, but this one caused 25 cars to have punctures.

GRA PON 25 Cars with Punctures on AutoviaThis occurred on the A-92 on the 27th of last month around five in the afternoon near Loja after one of its loading ramps fell off onto the road surface and a string of cars went over it, rupturing their tyres.

The cars following behind the tow truck simply couldn’t avoid going over it and burst one or several of their tyres, hence the need to be towed away.

This, as you can guess, caused a huge tailback until all of the stricken vehicles could be towed away… by other tow trucks, obviously.

The chaos was complete with drivers vying for a tow truck out of the ones that had arrived. The Guardia Civil in the meantime were busy informing drivers how they should go about claiming on their insurance policies.

It wasn’t until 20.30h; three and a half hours later, that the last car was towed away and the motorway lanes reopened to normal traffic.

(News/Noticias: Loja, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: frame from Ideal video)

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