Lame Lane Naming

One of the topics discussed in a Salobreña Plenary Meeting of the Town Council around mid November was about finding names for two streets/lanes.

Actually, there were another 14 points for discussion at the meeting but let’s stick to the two public rights of way: one connects the roundabout at the entrance to Salobreña to the sports complex and the other is a country lane running past the cemetery.

The name for the former is Avenida Gabriel Guirado Alonso and the name for the latter is Camino del Paraíso. Admittedly calling the road to a burial ground the Road to Paradise is probably just a touch limp. What about Dead End Lane, instead?

Of course the Plenary Meeting was a case of people spieling off the first name that came into their heads because the process went through the Culture & Heritage Department Town Hall.

So, what about the name choice for the lane to the sports centre? Gabriel Guirado Alonso was awarded posthumously the title Hijo Predilecto de Salobreña on the 5th of April, 2021, so naming a street after him was just one small step from there. He received the Chosen Son of Salobreña award for “merit and services provided to the community in general.”

Now, it might sound whimsical this giving names to streets and lanes but for people who live along them, one thing is Calle Blah-de-blah s/n (sin número) and quite another is Camino Sin Nombre, especially when the postie is trying to find you. It’s completely different when a Town Hall changes the name of the street that you live on, meaning that you have to change your ID card, your driving licence and not just your postal address.

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