The Disappearing Beach

The gale that has been sweeping across Spain, in this case Ciarán, has once again washed away one of Motril's beaches.

MOT Playa Granada Sand ErosionYes, Playa Granada, has a Great Wall of China carved out and running next to the hotel gardens, as is the norm when the winds blow.

Obviously the conservative mayor, Garcia Camacho, lost no opportunity to criticise the socialist, Central Goverment for a lack of beach defenses, conveniently forgetting that when her boys were in power up there… nothing materialised either. Such are politicians of all colours.

Mayor Luisa García Chamorro says that this sand loss will affect municipal tourism, although you’d have to be a complete lunatic, dressed in swimming gear and spend a morning on the beach this side of spring 2024.

What all politicians ignore is that ever since Rules Dam was built, the river no longer carries sand and silt down to the coast, replenishing as it has done over the centuries, beach sand.

And for all the good that building the reservoir has provided since it was plonked, squatting over the confluence of Río Guadalfeo and Río Ízbor… Well, we could have saved the concrete.

Even when Europe’s largest swimming pool is finally connected to thirsy tropical-fruit plantations, it’s not going to save them. Farmers have this mystical belief that the reservoir is an inexhaustable supply of water, so that they can plant ever more higher up the sides of valley.

BIAD Sophie Dress Maker OC23Yet you only have to look at Viñuelas Reservior to see that this is a complete fallacy. Yes, when copious snow would lie up on Sierra Nevada from October to May, then you could count on melt water flowing down, yet you’d have a hard job having a snowball fight up there in these present climatic times – we all remember winter 1995, right?

So, let’s all beat our chests over a shelf in a beach that requires abseiling equipment in order to reach the water, although it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, the least of our worries because the beach will soon be on the northern side of the Los Moriscos Golf Course the way things are going.

(News/Editorial: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Article source: Alba Feixas/GH)

  2 comments for “The Disappearing Beach

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    November 10, 2023 at 3:27 pm

    Look. It’s income generation two or three times a year. Like pot hole filling. Why do a fantastic job and do yourself out of a job ??

  2. Fred Davies
    November 5, 2023 at 12:03 am

    Observations spot on. I doubt you build a single sandcastle from the sediment the Guadafeo now carries. As for the concrete walls bounding the river for kilometre after kilometre, bonkers over-engineering; concrete must have been as cheap as chips or a bottomless EU budget

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