DUI Policeman?

An officer belonging to the Guardia Civil is under investigation after running into a motorcyclist whilst under the influence of alcohol.

SPN Guardia Civil Traffic Police GenericThe incident took place in the early hours of the 8th of October on the A-357 where it passes through the municipality of Cártama in the province of Málaga.

It was around 02.55h that the Servicio Emergencias 112 received a call to say that there was a bike crumpled up against a crash barrier at exit junction 65 on the A-357.

There was another person involved, who had been injured, and was in another vehicle.

When the ambulance paramedics arrived, they could only confirm that the bike rider was dead.

The Traffic Police patrol breathalysed the car driver (the officer) and found that he was over the limit.

He was consequently arrested by his traffic-police colleagues and taken before a police court before being released pending trial.

(News/Noticias: Cártama, Valle del Guadalhorce, Malaga, Andalucia)

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