Accident Near Brewery

A middle-aged man tripped over in front of the Cervezas Alhambra Brewery in Granada and gashed his head.

GRA C&M Ambulance and 2 police officersThis happened on Friday near the Avenida de Murcia and calle Poco Trigo crossroads. The Emergency call centre received an alert around 17.30h, after a passerby found the man, unconscious, lying on the pavement.

Consequently, an ambulance was despatched and when they arrived two officers from the Policía Local were attending to the 50-year-old, injured man.

He was taken to Traumatología (Hospital Universitario Virgen de Las Nieves), which is on Avenida de Juan Pablo II.

Editorial comment: there you are! I told you; alcohol is bad for you!

(News/Noticias: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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