School Stabbing

A 14-year-old, high-school pupil in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) injured staff and pupils in a knife attack this morning.

AND IES Elena Garcia Armada Jerez de la Frontera Knife AttackThe incident occurred at 08.25h in the IES Elena García Armada in Jerez de La Frontera as soon as the pupil arrived.

According to the Diario de Jerez, he pulled two knives from his backpack and went for another pupil. Teachers and other pupils tried to disarm him. Three teachers and two pupils received injuries, most of which were treated on the spot by paramedics onboard an ambulance.

However, one of the teachers (the female Biology teacher) had to be taken to the Hospital de Jerez to be treated for an eye injury. Fortunately, the injury was to her eyelid and did not puncture the ocular globe; i.e., the eye itself.

As the pupil, who was immediately arrested by officers from the Policía Nacional, is over 14 he can face criminal charges. He was taken to the police station where he was put in the hands of a specialised department for family affairs, the Unidad de Familia y Atención a La Mujer (UFAM) to later appear before a Fiscal de Menores.

In the meantime, the school has decided to suspend classes for the day and send all the pupils home.

No doubt there will be more information available during the course of the day or tomorrow so this article will be updated.

(News/Noticias: Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Andalucia)

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