Jazz in Guájar-Fondón

Los Guájares in the inland part of the Costa Tropical, will have some great live music this month...

COS Jazz in Los GuajaresOn Saturday, September 23, and Sunday September 24, 2023, the centre of the jazz world will not be New York, New Orleans or London, but a small village of 400 inhabitants, called Guájar-Fondón, (Los Guájares) which in case you didn’t know is some 20 minutes by car inland from Salobreña.

The Sazerac Swingers will play there at 10pm (Saturday) and 19.30 (Sunday) at Bar Casa Pilar in Calle Era de la Cruz.

This is one of the best and most exciting young jazz bands in Europe. Rooted in the tradition of New Orleans trad jazz – they carried their music into modern times and are attracting a young audience. They have several CD’s out, and have played all the major jazz festivals.

Due to the fact that their ex-manager Rolf Schubert retired to Spain some years ago, they decided to visit him and play for him at this local, favourite bar.

A special attraction for Saturday night will be singer Fredy Omar from Honduras, ‘the king of Latin Music.’

The bar will provide drinks and good food. Entrance is free, but a donation for the band would be appreciated.

For more information: Bar Casa Pilar (Dani) Tel. 617 368 718
Rolf & Isa, Tel. 958 629 107 concertschubert@netcologne.de

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