Woman Overboard

The Spanish Sea Resue Service (Salvamento Marítimo) are looking for a woman who disappeared off an ocean-research vessel.

SPN Ocean Research VesselThe ship, García del Cid, noticed  that one of the female crew members had disappeared around 08.20h Sunday morning, off Alicante, near Cabo de la Nao.

The last time that anybody remembers seeing her was on deck the previous evening. Nobody saw her make her way below.

The CSIC Garcia de Cid, which was launched in 1979 and is based in  Barcelona, has a crew of 14 with accommodation for up to twelve scientists (marine biologists).

(News/Noticias: Alicante,  Valencia)

  1 comment for “Woman Overboard

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    September 13, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    Who on earth gets up at that time on a Sunday? Hope they find her. But like for the paddle boarders, the sea can be unforgiving.

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