Direct London Flight Cancelled

The charter flight company, Vueling, will drop its direct flights between Granada and London, starting in November.

GRA Vueling Flight ArrivalThe direct flight between Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca (Granada) and Paris will remain the only Vueling international flight after that.

Gone are the days when Granada hoped to have 22 destinations available. In 2019, for example, there were regular flights between  Milan, Naples, Berlin, Nantes, Bordeaux, Manchester and Londres… and then along came coronavirus.

Vueling, according to the Provincial Council, intends to maintain its presence within Granada Airport, although it has not given any date for the return of this soon-to-be-dropped service.

Vueling still provides connections with París, Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife Norte out of Granada, as well as indirect flights with Gatwick via Barcelona.

So, whether the service suppression is a temporary measure or its absence will be more permanent is something that only Vueling will know.

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  1. Tom Waddle
    September 18, 2023 at 9:42 am

    Problem is the price. I live in Lecrin and regularly fly to London. 4 out of 5 times is is substantially cheaper from Malaga, even accounting for the extra fuel and my time.

    Small point of order. Vueling is a scheduled airline with a published timetable

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