Andalusian Road Deaths

During the months of July and August in Andalucia, 38 people lost their lives on the roads, six of these corresponded to roads in the province of Granada.

ALM A-7 Accident 19AG23Málaga had 12 road deaths and Cádiz, like Granada, had six. Jaén and Almería had three road deaths each. Three road deaths was the case for the rest of the provinces of Andalucía, as well.

It is worth pointing out, however that in the cases, of Granada, Almeria and Jaén the figures were 50% fewer that 2022.

One of the last accidents to take place within our province during that period was on the 27th of August on the A-92 around 22.00h where it passes through the municipality of Loja. One woman died and four others people were injured. According the emergency centre (112) one car had run into the back of another that was stationary.

The DGT, which registers the amount of traffic on the roads, puts travelling down to desplazamientos (displacements; i.e., long-distance journeys) calculating a total of 21,000,000 during those two months.

Most accidents occur on main roads (the N-340 or N-323, for example) rather than autovías or autopistas; i.e., single-lane traffic in either direction with no barriers between them. In fact, three out of every four road deaths occur on them.

Lastly, beside deaths amongst car drivers and passengers, there were also two pedestrian deaths, four cyclist deaths, four motorcycle deaths, one moped death and a lorry driver.

(News/Noticias: Andalucia)

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