The Kiss of Death

Prosecutors have opened a sexual assault investigation following the Rubiales kiss and his mother has locked herself in a church in Motril and started a hunger strike.

SPN Women's World Cup AG23The real losers in this fiasco, of course, are the brilliant, young footballing women of the Spanish National Team. Their incredible achievement cannot be overstated, playing brilliantly, defeating all before them and returning to Spain victorious.

Even several of the Final’s losing English team have expressed their sorrow that the Spanish team has almost been forgotten in the clamour for news about how the powers that be will handle the ‘kiss situation.’ 

Let’s face it, along with just about every person on earth, we all now know the name Rubiales, but how many of the Spanish heroines can any of us name. 

What Rubiales did was wrong and sanctions against him should follow, but it should not be to the detriment of the Spanish women who brought World Cup glory to Spain.

Get Rubiales off the news and get some of the footballers on to talk about their team, tactics, star players and the incredible emotion they must have felt when lifting the trophy in front of millions worldwide.

Enhorabuena! Viva España!

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    August 28, 2023 at 5:53 pm

    Put it into a amusing context. Would he have grabbed a male soccer or rugby player in such a way and kissed him on the lips? Maybe in a few private clubs in Madrid or Barcelona, or even Málaga, but how would he feel if someone grabbed his daughter or son? As for the ‘privates grabbing,’ it shows what a twit he is. Should go!

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