Salobreña Beach Safety

Since the 1st of July, Salobreña has 19 beach-safety personnel provided by Cruz Roja; the Spanish Red Cross.

SAL Lifeguards Red CrossFifteen of them are lifeguards; i.e., the ones that will fish you out of the water when you are in trouble, the other four are a Coordinator, a launch pilot and two medical staff.

As far as material goes, they have a jet-ski for getting to somebody in difficulties fast or when the sea is rough — idiots swim out even with a red flag flying and of course, windsurf and kite surf enthusiasts are always out there when its windy.

They also have their own ambulance and a 4×4 for rescue operations.

Another service that the Red Cross offers is a specialised chair for getting disabled people into and out of the water, called in Spanish, sillas anfibias.

The Councillor for Beaches, Luis Cano, explained that this service, distributed between the six, Red-Cross, beach posts, would remain in place until the 15th of September.

He also explained that beach maintenance (rubbish collection and sand management) is being handled by a new company this year. Paprec.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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