Growing Suicide Figures

Did you know that the number of people who take their own lives is three times the number who died on the roads?

GRA SuicidesThis means that suicide cases have become the prime cause of death from non-natural causes.

In 2021, 97 people committed suicide whilst 31 lost their lives on the roads and the figures has grown since then. The Pandemic had a major effect on people’s mental state, of course, but even so 854 Granadinos took their own lives during the last decade.

The economic crisis also affected people with death rates in 2009 showing a big bump in figures.

Men, more than women, end up taking this sad decision; the 2021 figures reflect that 71 of the 91 people were men and only 26 were women. However when it comes to attempted suicides the tendency is reversed.

As for age groups, the majority of suicides are carried out by people over eighteen; 3,880 people tried to take their own lives in the province in the last eight years, whilst only 120 were minors. The most affected age group are the over 75s.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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