Bank Coughs Up

A bank has been ordered to pay out 3,000 euros to a customer in the city who had her account hijacked by cyber criminals using phishing.

GRA Phishing SMSThe hackers had deceived the victim via an SMS and thus obtained her banking details and were then able to empty her Visa Card.

According to the court sentence, the victim had received a false SMS on the 24th of last August. The SMS warned her that as of the next day her account would be blocked and to avoid this she had to “activate the new security system.”

Owing to its bona-fide appearance and thinking that it was really her bank communicating this situation, she entered her banking details, including those of her credit and debit cards. The result was that the thieves took 3,000 euros from her credit card, which was the limit that she had on it.

As soon as she realised that she had been duped, she reported it to the Guardia Civi on the 27th of August and then on the 2nd of November, made a claim against her bank. She argued that the bank’s security system was at fault, but the banking entity denied that it had any responsibility. So she took it to court.

The judge considered that the bank had not applied the double-authentication required, thus it was at fault.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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