Hit & Run Biker

The Motril Policía Local are asking citizens to help track down a biker who ran over a pedestrian and fled the scene of the accident.

MOT Biker Runs over Pedestrian on Zebra JN23The incident occurred on Calle Santa Ana on Friday night. The biker had been speeding along the street when he struck a worker from a well known bar who was using the zebra crossing.

After passing over the victim, leaving him badly injured, the rider came off the bike, which witnesses described as a red and white Enduro. He had been wearing a white helmet.

He mounted the bike again and sped off without offering assistance, which is a criminal offence in itself.

The Policía Local ask anybody who might have information as to the idendity of the rider to phone 092 or 985 834 505, Ext 23. They also offered an email address: policialocal@motril.es.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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