Illegal Irrigation Pond Breaks

We've had rainfall over this last week or two but we cannot afford to waste water, which is what occurred in Cómpeta in the Axarquía area of Málaga Province.

AXA Irrigation Pond BreaksScores of cubic metres of water spilled through the breach in the side of the irrigation pond, which had been built without a licence, last Sunday on an avocado farm in the Las Zorreras-Los Llanos area of Cómpeta.

Fortunately, the irrigation reservoir was not full to its capacity when the disaster struck. Had it been full then 6,400 cubic metres would have been lost.

The water washed down into a stream that feeds Río Turvilla. The source of this river is in Canillas de Albaida, just above the old hydro-electric generation station and wends its way through the municipalities of Árchez, Sayalonga and Algarrobo.

The owner of neighbouring land took a video of the water cascading out and put it on social media where it went viral. Tipped off, a patrol from the Policía Local went to inspect the damage, which was surprisingly little more that a few fruit trees and their PVC, irrigation system washed away. Nobody was hurt.

The Mayor of Cómpeta, Obdulio Pérez (PP), explained that construction on the reservoir had been stopped when discovered and a fine is in the channels, but apparently the builders and the property owners took no notice of the order to cease construction and went ahead with it.

According to the Vice Mayor, Rosaluz Fernández (PMP), the property belongs to the irrigation association, Acequia Real.

However, this is not the first time that an incident of this kind has taken place because in October 2021 an irrigation reservoir ruptured in Torrox, with one person injured and considerable damage.

(News: Cómpeta, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – photo: still from video)

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